Sunday, January 31, 2016

Comet, MT ~ December, 2015

I had never been to Comet in the wintertime before.  
I'd been there in the spring, when there was still some snow on the ground, but I'd never seen it completely snow covered before.  
Again, the town has an entirely different character each time I see it!

Hoist frame and loading chutes.

This is one of my favorites from this shoot!

Some of the houses on the hill opposite the road from the mill.

Building beside the Dailey Hotel.  Love those aspens in winter!

The Dailey Hotel, better visible in winter among the naked aspens...

Favorite shot of the Dailey from this trip...

I think this view through the Dailey is becoming a favorite of mine, 
despite the loss of the staircase.

 View of the mill in winter...

A more panoramic view showing more of the post-restoration hillside.  

The wind was blowing some of the snow from the mill roof.

More detailed shot...

 More houses on the hill across from the mill.

Another one of my favorite parts of Comet.  
I usually find some new angle, light, or feature of this old truck frame to take a shot of while I'm here.

More shots of the hill.

Car in snow blanket!

Comet ~ Summer, 2015

Comet changes every time I go there.  Sometimes the changes are subtle, sometimes they're more dramatic.  Perhaps the most dramatic changes have to do with human activity, and these changes make it more difficult to photograph the town without those modern intrusions.  This is not to say that I don't appreciate the value of property ownership and the ultimate security that comes from having permanent occupants so close, but I am selfish enough to wish that the town was more remote!

Diligent angling of the camera's line of site can still give decent results!

Some closeups of the mill...

And a view into the Bunkhouse through a lower floor window...

The colors at the mill were particularly good on this trip...atmospherics at their best!

Beautifully detailed radiator in the grass by the Bunkhouse...

...from another angle...

Bunkhouse details

At some point this boulder ended up inside the bunkhouse!

There is what looks like a garage, perhaps an old carriage facility or some other mechanical service building, across the road from the mill.  This is detail from one of the doors.

Love this shot with the lens flare...loading bay of the mill.

Interior of the mill.

Interior of the mill, with some newer-looking graffiti.

Interior of the mill.

More graffiti inside the mill.

Detail of an electrical fuse box inside the mill.

Top level of the large portion of the mill.

Looking down the hill at the mill.

Another view of one of my favorite houses in Comet.  
This was shot from the hillside by the mill.

Classic view of the mill.


Facade of the Dailey Hotel.

From another angle...

The hotel's staircase has collapsed over the last few years.  
You can now look down the hallway and out the back door.  Old curtains and wallpaper blow forlornly in the crossbreeze...

Another one of my favorite houses in Comet.
It, too, has changed a lot in the last few years.  
The water heater still stands, though!