Monday, February 29, 2016

Hassel, MT

Moira, Jackson and I took a little trip up to find the Hassel, MT townsite.  There's till enough snow up there to make things pretty sloppy, so it was definitely 4-wheel drive territory.  This structure was the first obvious piece of what may have been the townsite that we came across.  

A short hike across the creek...

a nice muddy fall and a handful of stickerbush later...

Some details from the house and the car out front.  I'm not enough of an automotive officianato to identify the car, but I did get some detail shots...

Took some nice haunted house shots of the front of the building.  I may take it to black and white later!

There is a lot of what looks like dredge material along the creek, and there was a cabin nestled between this material and the hillside.  

And there was some really cool light inside!

I've been looking at Google Earth and there's a lot more to see in this area once the snow melts and the mud dries up a little!  More to come!

Lennep, MT

Moira and I took a little trip up toward White Sulpher Springs.  Our intention was to try to make it up to Castle Town, but the road was simply to deeply snow covered and we didn't want to get stuck up there with sketchy cell service, so that's a trip for a later date!  We did spend a little time in the little town of Lennep,  There are some inhabited houses and the church is still in use, but the rest of the actual town buildings appear abandoned, or at least are not being used as they were intended.

Trinity Lutheran Church, built in 1914.

View south of Lennep, just south of the Power Sub-Station below.

Old Power Sub-Station south of Lennep.  This has been replaced now by one of those sterile power forests surrounded by chain link and barbed wire, which sits just across the road.

One of the decaying little outbuildings around the Sub-Station.  

Hopefully we'll be able to walk around this site a bit more later on in the year.  I'd love to see it from different angles!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Comet, MT ~ December, 2015

I had never been to Comet in the wintertime before.  
I'd been there in the spring, when there was still some snow on the ground, but I'd never seen it completely snow covered before.  
Again, the town has an entirely different character each time I see it!

Hoist frame and loading chutes.

This is one of my favorites from this shoot!

Some of the houses on the hill opposite the road from the mill.

Building beside the Dailey Hotel.  Love those aspens in winter!

The Dailey Hotel, better visible in winter among the naked aspens...

Favorite shot of the Dailey from this trip...

I think this view through the Dailey is becoming a favorite of mine, 
despite the loss of the staircase.

 View of the mill in winter...

A more panoramic view showing more of the post-restoration hillside.  

The wind was blowing some of the snow from the mill roof.

More detailed shot...

 More houses on the hill across from the mill.

Another one of my favorite parts of Comet.  
I usually find some new angle, light, or feature of this old truck frame to take a shot of while I'm here.

More shots of the hill.

Car in snow blanket!